What We Do
Design and Build is the approach that A.E.E uses to deliver its services by integrating design and construction from initial concept through completion. This unified approach ensures cost reduction, quicker decision making as well as providing value-added services.

Spacing Matters

Offering the kind of Spacing suggestions that you need to live comfortably

When our clients seek for Architectural design services, we deliver more than standard plans for typical rooms. The space is planned to fit their life; considerations are taken to how they live, and how their home can function to contribute to quality of life, working for them. This means personalized planning of the space, or as we call it Spacing

Lovely Clients

Building a beautiful customer experience – We ensure that we provide our customers with the most beautiful experience by offering them the very best technical advice throughout their project life cycle from inception to completion.

Construction Works

We offer construction works for our clients in ways that exceed their expectations

Quantity survey

We do also offer quantity surveying works for clients who request for such services from us

Reliable equipment

We do provide rental services for quality construction equipment

Interior design

We offer interior design services to our customers who prefer that we handle their projects from start to finish

We also do

Perfect Project Planning

Focused on improving the management of our clients’ projects and ensuring the progression of their infrastructures in time and with the desired quality.

We help our clients define their priorities, understand their risks and implement management and control procedures and systems to cover their needs, and guarantee the optimal management and implementation of their infrastructures. This is so as to ensure that we create a good relationship with our customers.

Interested In Our Services

Perfect Design

When it comes to providing design, we offer the best design to our clients based on their needs.

Carefully Planned

Working together with our customers, we help them to achieve their dreams by carefully planning their projects.

Smartly Execute

We ensure that after we have put the clients’ needs on plan, we then execute them exactly as designed.